Our Vision

We are a people that welcome all individuals into our community. That's what radical hospitality means to us. All people are welcome to worship, pray, eat, seek spiritual answers and enjoy life with our community. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all. We welcome all persons without regard to race, ethnic or cultural background, social status, gender, sexual orientation, age, education or political affiliation.

New to Nashville?

Every day 85 to 100 people move to Nashville.  

It can be hard to find real community when moving some place new.  

Plan a Visit with us and find a caring and generous community of faith.  

If you've been following God your entire life, you're welcome here. 

If you're new to faith, you're welcome here. 

If you're not really sure you believe in God at all, you're welcome here. 

No matter where you are on the road to faith, we want to walk alongside you as you go. 

Our hope is that as you join us on the journey, you'll discover a God who is active, 

alive, and at work in your life.