In 1920, two Nashville congregations merged, hyphenating their two names to become the Broadway-Grace Presbyterian Church.

Two years later, the 350-member congregation had found both a permanent location and, with it, a new name. Hillsboro Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Hillsboro Road and Dixie Place, became the new neighbor of Peabody College and, as it grew, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

In 1954, the church bought its present property, called Singing Hills, from the estate of R. E. Baulch, a Nashville theater operator. Its present chapel had once been a private screening room, later a solarium and then, before construction of the sanctuary, a site for worship services. Worship and Sunday School began at Singing Hills in September 1954. However, worship services also continued at the Dixie Place location until its sale in 1959. Since then, we have built, renovated, and expanded at Singing Hills.

But the history of the church involves far more than listing dates or a chronology of pastors. Even recounting the church's officially-sponsored projects overlooks the occasions when members see an unmet need and act. Nor can the vitality of the church be conveyed by a recitation of things past. To tell you where we meet, and how we got there, isn't as important as saying who we are and why.

We believe that God has given us to each other out of the abundance of God’s blessings, and we cherish our diversity as a reflection of God’s kingdom. We also believe that God is on a mission, and so in everything we do, we try to serve the mission of God. We welcome all who wish to join us in a life journey with Christ, regardless of how long they've been walking or how far they've gone. At HPC, every member is a minister, and we strive to be a place of inclusion where every person can discover his or her ministry within God’s mission. After nearly a century of ministry, much good work has been done at HPC and there’s plenty more to do as we carry the light of Christ in our neighborhood of Forest Hills, in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, and even in places like Guatemala and Zimbabwe.

To someone asking how we live our faith, actions speak louder than words. As the disciple Philip said when a person with doubts inquired about Jesus: "Come and see."