In-Person Worship

Covid-19 has presented all of us with challenges unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. While we weren't able to gather in person with everyone for over a year, the good news is that this pandemic never stopped us from worshiping together each week. Thank you for all of your prayers, support, and generosity during this time. God is faithful and still moving. And we’re still partnering with people on their faith journeys!



Worship will take place at 10:00am in our newly renovated sanctuary

Worship will stream online at 10:00am

Archived services are available once they have streaming and can be located on our YouTube page

Sunday School classes meet on their own schedule and individual make the choice to meet in person or virtually.  For more information on Sunday School please see us at the NOW table in the entryway.


We are mindful as a covenant community that we are responsible for each other's wellbeing.  We ask all worshipers to treat each other with extra care during this season.

  1. Be sensitive to each other's personal space.  Close conversations can be anxiety inducing due to months of physical distancing.  Seinfeld showed us years ago no one likes a close talker.   
  2. We have multiple sanitization stations.  Please feel free to use them liberally
  3. Please stay home if you are feeling sick


Will you have masks and sanitizer available?  Yes, we will.  We think it's better for you to bring/use your own personal protective equipment, but we do have supplies available for folks who might need them.

Will online worship continue?  Absolutely! We are committed to continuing the same level of online worship moving forward. We so value the presence and participation of our online community. This will not change.