Leader Resources

Thank you so much for agreeing to facilitate an Online Small Group! 

We know this experience is different from the experience of meeting in person, so we wanted to provide some tools to help your Small Groups build community and have fun! We've created a few helpful documents that you can access below. You'll also find some "just for fun" material because we truly hope this is an enjoyable experience for you and your participants!

Reach out anytime to Amy Dillon (amy@hpcnashville) with questions.

  • Hosting an Online Small Group

    We recognize that hosting an Online Small Group comes with its own set of challenges and rewards so we wanted you to have some helpful tips for the journey ahead. 


  • Facilitating Conversations

    Effective communication is key in any small group. Here are some key concepts to consider as you lead. 


Ice Breakers, Games, and More

There may be times when your group wants to spend extra time hanging out together after the group discussion wraps up or on an additional evening (we sure hope so!!). So we've gathered together some options that we hope you'll all enjoy! Have fun with it! 

We’ve also provided a list of questions to help you get to know each other better. You could even pick one or two questions a week to have each group member answer to kick off the session.

Oh, and you know those fun backgrounds you can use on Zoom? Our team made a couple Hillsboro-branded backgrounds just for you and your group! Download them below!