Where's God Calling us NEXT?

Faithful In A Fearful Situation

There's no easy to way to say it.  What comes next is going to be difficult.  It's an unprecedented response to an unprecedented situation.  We're inviting you to a new way of doing and being the church.  For the good of the larger community our Session unanimously decided to cancel all in-person church activities and events until further notice.

Here's the thing... we're still going to worship together!  We feel blessed that as a church we have the technology and ability to bring you weekly worship experiences live via our website.  We are excited about being able to continue to worship with one another even though we'll be in separate places.  I've been thinking a lot about what God might be doing among us right now and I plan to talk about that this Sunday in my message during the online worship experience.  It'll be at the standard time... 10:30am and you can watch it RIGHT HERE.  I really hope you join us!

Make sure and bookmark this link. It's where our worship livestream happens every Sunday at 10:30am

Our leadership has created a special task force to look at how we might be the church during this time of social distancing.  We also want to know how we can connect as a community on more than just Sundays during online worship.  How is God calling us to serve the larger community?  Thousands of kids are out of school and theirs parents might need some help learning how to home school them.  There are thousands of people who are scared to run to the store to get food, supplies or medicine.  There are countless people who are desperate for some connection and hope that they can choose over fear.  We want to know how we can cross that boundary of fear and serve even when we feel stuck.  

Moving forward the office will be mostly closed.  Many of the staff will be working from home.  But through the miracle of modern technology calling the church office means reaching us at whatever place we call our office that day.  If you need access to the church facility, please call ahead to make sure someone is able to let in you.  In order to avoid unnecessary exposure to our CCC families please do not use the day school entrance.

We anticipate daily check-ins & reach-outs to those who do not have internet access, We'll be utilizing video chats so our committees can meet.  We'll be encouraging our Small Groups and Life Groups to find ways that they can connect.  In addition to watching for emails, please check the church websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter pages for updates.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Shane

P.S. Here's that link to the worship livestream again.  Click here to join us for worship Sunday at 10:30am.